Interlac France – your ideal partner for all your private label projects

From your idea to the finished product we accompany you according to your needs.

We take great care to understand your needs and to offer you a tailor-made solution.
Each step described below can be independent of each other and can be combined in a full-service project.


Support from our marketing department in the marketing launch of your product: organization of launch events, press relations, assistance with social network management.


As the French market leader in all forms of milking grease, we are also specialists in Privat labelling.
We develop tailor-made solutions that fit all your projects:

The choice is yours:

We can work at all levels of your project, or we can accompany you at a single or several stages of your choice (formulation, marketing, procurement and purchase of raw materials, production of bulk materials, packaging, logistics…)
We guarantee quality, thoroughness, flexibility, and responsiveness.

Our strength:

Our industrial tool is perfectly adapted to big, small and medium series and is perfected according to demand: purchase of new technical equipment, production of specific and tailor-made machines, etc. Our operators are constantly trained to accompany and carry out production under optimal efficiency and quality conditions.

Logo made in France for Interlac France laboratory products
R et D 11
Logo made in France for Interlac France laboratory products


An innovative

An innovative

A constant commitment
to quality

A human-sized

An innovative


The Interlac laboratory guarantees products that comply with good manufacturing practices . Quality control is carried out systematically and strictly in accordance with European standards.

The development, manufacture, filling and packaging of the products takes place under optimal hygienic conditions and each production is fully traceable.

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