Who we are

A company with more than 140 years of experience.

INTERLAC France is a solid, responsive and flexible value chain that offers your company a global solution.


An SME close to its
customers and employees

Available products
throughout Europe

Head office in France, about
20 km from Strasbourg

Since 1993, the cosmetic and dermatological products have been manufactured exclusively in Hindisheim in Alsace in an efficient factory that is fully adapted to the special manufacturing requirements for milking grease and other care products.

Interlac France managing director

The word of the managing director

“As the market leader and inventor of milking fat, Interlac can look back on 140 years of history, for which I have great respect.
I took over the reins at the end of 2021 and want to give Interlac a new direction by maintaining the solid foundations on which the company is built.

We produce and market almost 1.5 million units per year, sold through several brands: Soleil des Iles, Soleil des Cimes, Eutra and Actiderma. Our know-how is not limited to our own brands. It is also available for your Private Labels projects.
With my teams, I attach particular importance to processing your project precisely, professionally and innovatively! I’ll let you discover that on this brand new website! Let’s take a look to the future.”

Yves RUCK.


Formulation, manufacture and packaging of a wide range of galenics

Tailor-made services

Customer-centric approach


Customized work and hot casting.

We develop tailor-made solutions that fit all your projects:

The choice is yours:

We can accompany you throughout your entire project, but can also take over one or more stages as required. (R&D, marketing, production, packaging, logistics…).
We guarantee quality, thoroughness, flexibility, and responsiveness.

R et D 11

Our strength:

Our industrial tool is suitable for large, small and medium series and is perfected according to demand: purchase of new technical equipment, production of specific and tailor-made machines, etc. Our employees are constantly trained in order to accompany and carry out production under optimal efficiency and quality conditions.