Highest quality in milking cattle, sheep and goats for over 140 years.

The EUTRA milking fat was developed in Switzerland in 1882 by the pharmacist Adolphe Panchaud. It is made from high-quality, refined mineral oils and facilitates milking due to its properties to lubricate the teats and udders. It also protects and cares for the udder by forming a protective layer and helps heal minor injuries.


Milking fat for milking cattle, goats and sheep.

Facilitates milking for better milk quality and higher profitability of dairy farming. Protects and cares for teats and udders . Free of preservatives, disinfectants, fragrances and dyes.
Optimal long-term stability.


Eutra dermatology

EUTRA® has been taking care of sensitive skin for almost 140 years.

As an expert in the treatment of very dry and atopic skin, EUTRA is a rich, moisturizing care balm that melts on contact with the skin. Its velvety texture allows for easy application, and its short list of ingredients makes it an essential hypoallergenic multi-purpose care product that should be present in every bathroom.


Cream to care for and protect hands from environmental influences (cold, dryness, humidity, corrosive substances, blows and injuries…).



If your skin is dry, cracked, tight or itchy, you probably need to strengthen your skin's hydrolipidic film by applying a moisturizing balm that rebalances the skin's natural protective function while restoring its elasticity and tone.


As a moisturizing, hypoallergenic care balm, EUTRA is a true ally in the care of dry hands. By restoring the natural barrier effect of the skin on your hands, EUTRA moisturizes the upper layers of the skin and relieves unpleasant skin sensations.


You can apply EUTRA's moisturizing care wherever you feel you need it! As soon as you feel a feeling of tension or cracked skin, apply a small layer of EUTRA to the weakened area and your skin will regain its natural elasticity. Thanks to its protective and repairing effect, EUTRA is also suitable for diabetic feet.



  • Moisturising
  • Protective
  • Repairing
  • Softening
  • Lubricating
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for the whole family, from infants to seniors


Products for industry

A range of products for industry that are accepted by engineering and construction companies, as well as suppliers of infrastructure equipment (cable and telephone).

  • Semi-liquid lubricants
  • Pulling cables and plugging pipes together, facilitates the assembly of seals, protects metal parts from corrosion