Project management


We separate project management into 5 phases: R&D, purchasing and marketing, production, packaging, and logistics. We offer you to work from conception to the finished product.

R&D and regulations

Interlac is focused on creating new products, improving performance and finding new applications and formulations. The techniques used are constantly optimized, as are the formulas, which are systematically validated by independent expert laboratories and certified: evaluation for human health, skin tests, tolerance studies and verification of protection indices.
We also take care of the regulatory part; Is your formula found? We take care of the tests and the registration on the dedicated platforms.

Together we will put together your specifications to develop a tailor-made formula that best meets your expectations. The techniques used in our laboratory allow us to offer you a final product that meets your requirements. In order to guarantee you a high-quality formulation, tests are systematically carried out on the stability and compatibility of container and contents.

Various galenic forms: lotions, oils, emulsions, gels, foams, balms, waxes…

Does the formula developed suit you? Or do you just need regulatory assistance for one of your projects? Interlac will accompany you and provide you with all its expertise in the creation of the regulatory file necessary for the marketing of your product. We take care of the mandatory regulatory tests for tolerance, safety and efficacy, all performed by independent and certified laboratories.


  • Summary of the corporate strategy
  • Marketing analysis:

    Price (determination of the selling price)

    Product (product design, help with the creation of packaging, labels, etc.)

    Distribution (online shop, in supermarkets, etc.)

    Promotions (communication, community management, etc.)

  • Definition of objectives
  • Structure of the marketing action plan
  • Control of short or long-term actions

Once the formula has been confirmed, there are two options:

Purchase of raw materials
and/or storage by us

Purchase of raw materials
and delivery to your storage location


From small to large series

Our high-performance industrial tools can be adapted to both small and large-scale production:

  • Mixing tank with emulsifier, double wall, vacuum possible.
  • Various other mixing tanks with variable capacity allowing us to produce many products with different techniques, etc.

Different Galenics

  • Lotion, Oils, Emulsions, Gels, Foam, Balm, Wax
  • Différentes catégories de produits : Cosmétique (soins visage et corps, hygiène, solaires, capillaires) animaux (soins/hygiène), technique, dermatologique

Powerful industrial tools: they are suitable for both small and large series;

Mixing tanks with variable capacity, which allow us to produce in the desired quantities in compliance with hygiene and quality standards.

Our equipment allows us to fulfill your projects in the fields of cosmetics (face and body care, hygiene, sun protection, solids, hair care), care and hygiene of animals, technical products for industry (greases, lubricants, oils), food supplements and household cleaning products.





Warehouse with over 2000 m²: We can store both your raw materials and your finished products.

We take care of your shipping in France and internationally.