Values and CSR


Although our shaping laboratory is constantly evolving and growing, we remain a family business that is close to its employees.

Continuous quality improvement and customer satisfaction.

Know-how cultivated for 140 years

Committed to the environment

Committed to social performance

The taste of innovation

The constant innovation around a unique product – the milking fat – is part of Interlac’s DNA. Since the invention of this product 130 years ago, the joy of innovation has been anchored in the genes of the company and still determines the development of our company today.

Concern for quality

The highest standards are the driving force behind our actions. New research is constantly being carried out on the “historic” product milking grease, in a way that has always been the company’s goal: to improve the recipes and ensure the impeccable quality of the products (Swiss quality).

The culture of service

Every day, Interlac is committed to its customers to offer them complete satisfaction. In order to cultivate a true service culture and earn the trust and loyalty of our customers, we value listening and advice to find an individual response to every need.

The family spirit

Our corporate philosophy has always been based on family values: sharing, sustainability, respect for rules and people. These values are inspired by the family’s passion for milking grease and its applications. If they motivate the work of all our employees on a daily basis, it is because each of them finds themselves in each of these values.


Interlac is strongly committed to reducing its impact on the environment:


Saving energy

Limiting waste

Local suppliers

No outer packaging

Committed to its employees

Nowhere is the term “human-sized company” better defined than at Interlac France.

Listening and transparency are crucial at Interlac. Every employee, regardless of their role, tries to always be available to their colleagues and listen to them.

At Interlac, we care about the well-being of our employees. That’s why we always have an open ear for their concerns and ideas. Within our walls, cohesion and good understanding are our key words.

Our goal is to create a healthy and pleasant environment for all our employees.

Our mission: to maintain a healthy and pleasant environment for all our employees

Our mission: to maintain a healthy and pleasant environment for all our employees