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Interlac France is a family business that is close to its employees. From 1 to 30 years of service, we continuously learn from each other.
Listening and transparency are crucial at Interlac. Every employee, regardless of their role, does their best to always be available and listen to their colleagues.
We care about the well-being of our employees. That’s why we always have an open ear for their concerns and ideas. Within our walls, cohesion and good understanding are our key words.
In addition, we regularly renovate the work and break rooms.
Our goal is to create a healthy and pleasant environment for all our employees.

Martine, Head of Purchasing

“It’s been about 29 years since I joined Interlac as a sales manager. Since then, I have filled various positions, but today my main function is the purchasing manager. What I particularly like is that I am in contact with all departments of the company and at the same time have varied tasks. Since Interlac is a family structure, I particularly like the friendly atmosphere that prevails there.”

Pauline, dual student in marketing

“At Interlac, I was able to put into practice the knowledge I acquired at the management school in Strasbourg. Here I am given the floor, my ideas are considered, and my questions are answered. I often work in a team, but they also give me a lot of autonomy. I am never afraid to ask my questions and benefit from the experiences of all my colleagues.
When I make a mistake, I am given the tools to find a solution, sometimes by myself and sometimes with help. Every day I learn more and every day my experience is enriched.”

Maxence Intern in Communication

Completing my internship at interlac was a real opportunity for me. You don’t get bored, there is always work, the tasks are varied and interesting, and all this in a very good atmosphere. You can tell that this is a company that does not hire the umpteenth intern to do the thankless tasks, but that really treats every employee equally and, in my case, is there to let me learn new things and accompany me in my discovery of the professional world.

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